How to spend on summer vacation

How to spend on summer vacation (1)
Since it is small, the daughters all arranged fully, needn't confine to having a class at all in activity in summer vacation. Writing, participating in all kinds of summer camps, lessons that did to students, did to a counsellor, went to high school and university, can also go to the other places to take a walk, see the world, this is the study time that should not be ignored. Abundant life of the activity, intension of study on summer vacation, is student's essential condition that the famous university enrolls too.
Someone thinks American students are sluggish, study easily, without pressure. In fact, in U.S.A., a lot of students in middle and primary schools are not merely diligent and diligent in the school, reach weekend, vacation even, especially summer vacation, will participate in the summer camp, join the vacation school, arrange the activity on summer vacation full to the brimly.
Daughter 5 year old come U.S.A. class go to school, will it be summer the first two years, I give what loud activity she arrange for. 1989, finish summer vacation in second grade, we go up north by car, first Luis lead the daughter, take a lot of place, mean, give her social work lesson, let theory to be connection actual.
The car drives into Memphis, the daughter says, this is the first Dacheng of Tennessee State, it is the important traffic main artery to join Arkansas, Tennessee and the Mississippi three states. As you know, what is planted in that stretch of big plain? She is testing us. She says, Tennessee is the agricultural state, but American agricultural product surplus, in order to protect the price of agricultural product, the U.S. government lets some peasants stop ploughing, replenish for them according to people, thousands of dollars for each person every month, the condition will never engage in farming, will ask them to work for the job separately. So, in that endless fertile land rich soil, the possibility planted is only the green grass. Having reached capital Washington, she says to us, must go to see the Vietnam War monument, the designer of the monument is a girl of Chinese origin, just a little over 20 at that time. When getting to Philadelphia, she tells us, Declaration of Independence is signed here. As for New York, " the west reach the east " that write after 4 year such as her mention, until Beijing compare. In Boston, Harvard University left her deep memory, wrote down the article of " dream of Harvard " later, have strengthened the yearning to the great institution of higher learning.
The activity includes travelling, participating in the summer camps of various forms, joining the vacation school etc. on summer vacation. These activity impacts on child are far-reaching, can get the extra harvest which can't be offered in school education, it is the important supplement of school education.
Since 1989, the daughter has a very abundant activity project each summer vacation: On summer vacation of 1990, go to the university to listen to the algebra lesson of the university, recited SAT word; Taught oneself the university on summer vacation of 1991
Participate in the summer camp for the first time
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there is one more mother

Geng DongLiang feels that does not have a father oneself, but there is one more mother.
Bright jade tablet want until dedicated the east on to stay Saturday evening. According to the view of the bright jade tablet, is the young people's no-man's-land in the evening on Saturday, a lot of unmanageable thing sprout in Saturday evening always, in whom Saturday evening can develop. Bright jade tablet he must charge live in him, can't let Dong Geng on to produce kind feeling that feel just like fish in water in Saturday evening particularly bright a Saturday. In feel just like fish in water what it is can longer kind fruit come always too in youth one. Bright jade tablet can call own family to weekend DongLiang Geng, sit down until five or ten past nine. Give Geng DongLiang a daily schedule that is made according to the bright jade tablet, Geng DongLiang must go to bed at ten o'clock in the evening, by five or ten past nine, Geng DongLiang will stand up, greets, go away. The bright jade tablet is always taken care of when saying good-bye, must go to bed at ten o'clock. The maxim of the bright jade tablet is, the good singer must have a good life law and good daily schedule.
However, Geng DongLiang has gone downstairs without going to the dormitory area. He rides the bicycle, the thing to be done immediately is to go home as quickly as possible. Geng DongLiang must get to the family in the evening on Saturday, mother took care of in this way. Son that mother will sit at home waiting for her to the evening on Saturday, the son does not come back mother will not go to bed. She is keeping the black and white television set with 14 -inch screen, the son does not come back she can even sit down until the daybreak. The son has reached the age of the love, so handsome, the thinking been fascinated by every little fox spirit is maybe too. The man's life will only have a woman, hand in the girlfriend only, her the mother will certainly lay aside and neglect soon. This is definite. Mother can't allow the son to act foolishly outside in the evening on Saturday, this threshold must be held. The children wheel son of bicycle, have thing have thing can leap up on the ground, handle of the brake hold on mother's hands, will be better. Mother can't promise which fox spirit fascinate thinking, 1,000 mothers do not promise only, 10,000 are not promised. Who dare, wash bright to put magic potion, what good goods is she can not, the thigh that must tear her tears her into two! One are fed to dogs, one are fed to cats.
Have in this world " She " Have no me, has had me no " her " . This has nothing to discuss. However, " she " Who it is, this is not OK. Before the real enemy has not shown up, everyone may become the enemy. Not steady and sure inside making mother's heart. What the only mother can become is to let the son go home on weekend and look, scent again. Even more concealed thing will all leave some clueses more or less. Do not have but on Geng DongLiang's body. He always says: "At teacher's home. " Other things willing to make again explanation at all. It is always that to ten thirty, earlier one or two hours at two ten past ten to go home only, he is certainly clean this weekend, a few hours of evening again, the mother might as well cross-examine. Just then choose one time only, specious, paradoxical, this makes people difficult to save worry, do not ask the export, is in suspense again.
"On, it is too late to ride the bike unsafely, will go home early next week, Ah! "
"I can not be busy. "
Geng DongLiang says in this way. The route to explain is wide if this sentence sounds. Well, the bigger the child is you can not understand what meaning his words are on earth. The mother and son all know the other side's attention, sometimes have mutual affinity to separate the farther instead.
Geng DongLiang came back home at half past ten, ate the egg in first thing. Mother will let the son go to bed to eat these two eggs any more. Mother's theory is very simple, sing inside the school everyday, where not to consume " primordial qi " ? Must mend after dawdling. The son says that can not eat any more. Can't eat any more and must eat too. "Mother is accompanying you, act as medicine is taken. "
Geng DongLiang knows that can not be refused. Mother son want, make in a required one. " act as medicine to take " ,What can not eat?
DongLiang Geng listen to mother, on so childhood. It is as pretty as a flower that Geng DongLiang in childhood deserves to be called, like a gentle and quiet and clean little girl. Mother spent all attention on this second son. Mother has left a virgin fresh idea for him, his hair is soft and thin, also gentle and agreeable, feel that kind of obedient and clever appearance on hand. Mother spends her attention on the bright head endlessly. Pitch a small pigtail, wear one more small butterfly flower. The small pigtail on the bright head is often changed, sometimes pitch on the back, sometimes pitch before volume, mother will tie the handle on the top of the small and bright head when being more. Like a bundle of fragrant thoroughworts, hold out at the top of the head, burst forth in the middle of the bright head melon vigorously. People all say: "What a little goodlooking girl. " People all say so. Where it is small to go while being on sentence this where does it take to. Mother hear these words can happy, she pale skin of face seem extremely coloured and dazzling happily. Mother will lift being small and bright with hands at this time, press down the split pants open the second son in a very careless way, the second son's young things emerge. People suddenly see the light. People say: "Oh, pieces of false girl, piece bring child originally. " Happier on mother's face at this time. Mother does not go to pester people's topic instead when being happy, reveal about and his satisfactory sample of speech of Wang Gu instead. Seem woman of the whole world only she born a sons just. It seems that sons in the whole world have no her " It is small and on " Loved by all like this.
But mother does not allow Geng Dong to go to the fields only. Dedicated the east on to look at child that run fast want, participate in, enter always fully, until ground let one bubble urine go, then play for an hour with a small branch and one's own urine. Mother does not allow. Mother calls all other children " The wild child " ,Mother always says other children so " Dirty " . Mother is embracing one's own one small and on, stick it on the something small and hard of pit of the stomach. Open the mouth, help to grip several on the son's cheek above, grip several on the son's buttocks egg-shaped thing. Mother does not bite it heavily, but the sample is always fierce. All wrinkles concentrate on the bridge of the nose, the head is shaken ceaselessly because of exerting oneself. Mother bites and not ache, but Geng DongLiang's body has been always covered with mother's tooth mark. Mother will stick one's own face to the son's mouth after finishing biting, say in a low voice: "Grip mother, obedient, grip mother. " DongLiang Geng can let, pass by head, struggle, want, come down. Mother is always very disappointed when being here like this, say: "Mother is not used to! "
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At this moment

It Handmade Bracelets Beaded Bracelets Heart Necklace Beaded Necklaces is best to smile to finally
Cause and do all one can to piece together " Rich" Graduate student
A is bright: Hello!
Letter receive, you say oneself just look at my book from the times of the university, has still pay close attention to my tendency up to now, thank you. My works can bring benign influence to young people, this is that a writer feels the thing comforted most.
You discuss a lot of idea, including to plan for future, discussing some problems that oneself exists too, think, have some psychological obstacle, find physiological to have uncomfortable occasionally too, very young to begin to depilate.
About depilating, Mr. Ke analyzes, exclude the influence of the inherent cause like this, present this kind of situation at this age of yours, should result from pressure at first. The big city where especially you stay of modern society, is a very fierce environment of competition, you do not say, I can know its just a few too.
You can be admitted to the graduate student of the famous university, have already explained your efforts and devotion these years. But you are unsatisfied with the current situation, prove even more your teenager is arrogant. Here, Mr. Ke want again until what keep forging ahead and goal for life you say, say some opposite words.
Remember, the psychology without health will cause the fundamental failure in a person's life at any time. There is an old saying in China, " the sea and sky are boundless to return one step " that named . Then, Mr. Ke requires you to treat oneself kindly at first, " relax " Requirement,name "there is ample time for doing sth. " ,Named " not fighting for the size of one day " ,Named " smile and does not smile best until finally " .
Being still young, you don't take notice of one before one's eyes must one lose, some things in life watch a bit more lightly too, age that you do spade work, health ready, skill have, where worries " no scope for displaying one's abilities " ?
So, Mr. Ke will especially advice you, will lighten one's own study pressure instantly as much as possible, life pressure. You will find, do it in this way, your state will be good, the body will be healthy, conversely, it will be more efficient too that the work is studied.
Already nearly 34 years old when Mr. Ke published the first novel, but walk on a firm footing, have already written more than 10 million words now. You just 24 year old, graduate student already graduate, plan, prepare for the doctoral qualifying examination, how well 's future. Prove you are not only clever but also diligent. Confident of oneself.
You said you would write to the professors of a lot of celebrities, but been seldom replied, has seemed to say with feeling that follows one's power or setback, needn't in fact. Mr. Ke for light day too, though has never had to " the celebrity " Thing of writing a letter (did not there was not a celebrity at that time. On the occasion of the Culture Revolution, most celebrities were overthrown) ,But hope to get help, there is a good beginning on life and undertaking, this kind of psychology communicates with you. The letter that you sent out has not got reply, a bit disappointed naturally. But Mr. Ke does not hope you complain. Everybody have one's own one job, and achievement heavy person, he and cost can high for the energy that job pay. It not only need care of the other side to answer stranger's letter, the more important is that needs time. This thinks, this is the main reason that you fail to receive the letter in reply in time.
I will receive a lot of letters every day, certainly, I will try hard to go back in a situation that if having time, because I understand that kind of psychology when a person sends out the letter to stranger to experience, I do not hope to make people disappointed. But there are a lot of letters I have not replied because really busy with the writing and can not find time, have to drop too. I have been perturbed because of this too, but think finally, reader's biggest expectation to me is probably still works.
Wish you a good time!
Mr. Ke
The girl with strong motive can not be dull in life
Cause " like cutting a smart figure " Foreign enterprise white collar
Mr. Ke: Hello!
I am an extroverted girl, work in a foreign enterprise after graduation from university, it is the typical white collar. The objective one says, my way goes straight more suitably, work well, the treatment is not low, a lot of peers all envy me. But I myself am unsatisfied. Like I people think I frank enthusiasm, jealous evil; Not liking the person of me to think me stubborn, the love cuts a smart figure, and must speak to and does not forgive people.
I do not take notice of others' appraisal very much, one point can't be ignored, objectively, my personality has already hindered my development.
I am very puzzled, whether should change one's own individual character, go to meet the needs of environment?
Extroverted girl: Hello!
You talk about the personality, at first, anyone's personalities all have a characteristic, some people are gentler, some people are fiercer, others are careful, others are extensive. These characteristics neither say say it is an advantage it is a shortcoming nor, it is a characteristic to say.
Then, as to your personality, we affirm first too it is only a characteristic. Then, we analyze together, see how to use it. Use, the individual character develops into the advantage on some people; Not using well, the individual character develops into the shortcoming on some people.
How to judge the so-called pluses and minuses? Useful to personal development, social assessment is good too, and the advantage; Disadvantageous to personal development, social assessment is not good either, is a shortcoming.
For example a person is very self-confident, self-confident to a person, if he deals with better, the foundation succeeding. Because he is very self-confident, others will believe in him because of this. Then, leader believe in he, troop under one's command rely on he, become one advantage. However, if is too self-confident to deal with well, may become conceited, become obstinate, in this way disadvantageous to one's own development, the leader thinks him not handy, the colleague thinks him not easy to cooperate, this undoubtedly becomes the shortcoming.
Know this reason, should put one's own characteristic in order first, then analyze objectively, in what case this kind of individual character becomes one's own advantage, in what case to become one's own shortcoming. In this way, say, will be favorable to your development from long-term.
You can contact me voluntarily, result from your personality. As you think a thing is essential for you, you can overcome one's own psychological obstacle, take action to some extent. This is initiative of your personality.
Not all people dare to take action. The person not taking action might not know where one's own interests are. There are initiative and passivity of the personality here. Where is the difference of the two? The motive becomes starting point and motive force of taking action. Anyone is before taking action, the motive has been produced, but usually there are obstacles. The objective thing and subjective thing will collide at this moment. For example you hope someone guides, hope to further analyze oneself through the teacher's talk, put oneself in order, these will be beneficial to afterwards development. This is a motive.
At this moment, the initiative of your personality worked.
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