How to spend on summer vacation

How to spend on summer vacation (1)
Since it is small, the daughters all arranged fully, needn't confine to having a class at all in activity in summer vacation. Writing, participating in all kinds of summer camps, lessons that did to students, did to a counsellor, went to high school and university, can also go to the other places to take a walk, see the world, this is the study time that should not be ignored. Abundant life of the activity, intension of study on summer vacation, is student's essential condition that the famous university enrolls too.
Someone thinks American students are sluggish, study easily, without pressure. In fact, in U.S.A., a lot of students in middle and primary schools are not merely diligent and diligent in the school, reach weekend, vacation even, especially summer vacation, will participate in the summer camp, join the vacation school, arrange the activity on summer vacation full to the brimly.
Daughter 5 year old come U.S.A. class go to school, will it be summer the first two years, I give what loud activity she arrange for. 1989, finish summer vacation in second grade, we go up north by car, first Luis lead the daughter, take a lot of place, mean, give her social work lesson, let theory to be connection actual.
The car drives into Memphis, the daughter says, this is the first Dacheng of Tennessee State, it is the important traffic main artery to join Arkansas, Tennessee and the Mississippi three states. As you know, what is planted in that stretch of big plain? She is testing us. She says, Tennessee is the agricultural state, but American agricultural product surplus, in order to protect the price of agricultural product, the U.S. government lets some peasants stop ploughing, replenish for them according to people, thousands of dollars for each person every month, the condition will never engage in farming, will ask them to work for the job separately. So, in that endless fertile land rich soil, the possibility planted is only the green grass. Having reached capital Washington, she says to us, must go to see the Vietnam War monument, the designer of the monument is a girl of Chinese origin, just a little over 20 at that time. When getting to Philadelphia, she tells us, Declaration of Independence is signed here. As for New York, " the west reach the east " that write after 4 year such as her mention, until Beijing compare. In Boston, Harvard University left her deep memory, wrote down the article of " dream of Harvard " later, have strengthened the yearning to the great institution of higher learning.
The activity includes travelling, participating in the summer camps of various forms, joining the vacation school etc. on summer vacation. These activity impacts on child are far-reaching, can get the extra harvest which can't be offered in school education, it is the important supplement of school education.
Since 1989, the daughter has a very abundant activity project each summer vacation: On summer vacation of 1990, go to the university to listen to the algebra lesson of the university, recited SAT word; Taught oneself the university on summer vacation of 1991
Participate in the summer camp for the first time

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