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It Handmade Bracelets Beaded Bracelets Heart Necklace Beaded Necklaces is best to smile to finally
Cause and do all one can to piece together " Rich" Graduate student
A is bright: Hello!
Letter receive, you say oneself just look at my book from the times of the university, has still pay close attention to my tendency up to now, thank you. My works can bring benign influence to young people, this is that a writer feels the thing comforted most.
You discuss a lot of idea, including to plan for future, discussing some problems that oneself exists too, think, have some psychological obstacle, find physiological to have uncomfortable occasionally too, very young to begin to depilate.
About depilating, Mr. Ke analyzes, exclude the influence of the inherent cause like this, present this kind of situation at this age of yours, should result from pressure at first. The big city where especially you stay of modern society, is a very fierce environment of competition, you do not say, I can know its just a few too.
You can be admitted to the graduate student of the famous university, have already explained your efforts and devotion these years. But you are unsatisfied with the current situation, prove even more your teenager is arrogant. Here, Mr. Ke want again until what keep forging ahead and goal for life you say, say some opposite words.
Remember, the psychology without health will cause the fundamental failure in a person's life at any time. There is an old saying in China, " the sea and sky are boundless to return one step " that named . Then, Mr. Ke requires you to treat oneself kindly at first, " relax " Requirement,name "there is ample time for doing sth. " ,Named " not fighting for the size of one day " ,Named " smile and does not smile best until finally " .
Being still young, you don't take notice of one before one's eyes must one lose, some things in life watch a bit more lightly too, age that you do spade work, health ready, skill have, where worries " no scope for displaying one's abilities " ?
So, Mr. Ke will especially advice you, will lighten one's own study pressure instantly as much as possible, life pressure. You will find, do it in this way, your state will be good, the body will be healthy, conversely, it will be more efficient too that the work is studied.
Already nearly 34 years old when Mr. Ke published the first novel, but walk on a firm footing, have already written more than 10 million words now. You just 24 year old, graduate student already graduate, plan, prepare for the doctoral qualifying examination, how well 's future. Prove you are not only clever but also diligent. Confident of oneself.
You said you would write to the professors of a lot of celebrities, but been seldom replied, has seemed to say with feeling that follows one's power or setback, needn't in fact. Mr. Ke for light day too, though has never had to " the celebrity " Thing of writing a letter (did not there was not a celebrity at that time. On the occasion of the Culture Revolution, most celebrities were overthrown) ,But hope to get help, there is a good beginning on life and undertaking, this kind of psychology communicates with you. The letter that you sent out has not got reply, a bit disappointed naturally. But Mr. Ke does not hope you complain. Everybody have one's own one job, and achievement heavy person, he and cost can high for the energy that job pay. It not only need care of the other side to answer stranger's letter, the more important is that needs time. This thinks, this is the main reason that you fail to receive the letter in reply in time.
I will receive a lot of letters every day, certainly, I will try hard to go back in a situation that if having time, because I understand that kind of psychology when a person sends out the letter to stranger to experience, I do not hope to make people disappointed. But there are a lot of letters I have not replied because really busy with the writing and can not find time, have to drop too. I have been perturbed because of this too, but think finally, reader's biggest expectation to me is probably still works.
Wish you a good time!
Mr. Ke
The girl with strong motive can not be dull in life
Cause " like cutting a smart figure " Foreign enterprise white collar
Mr. Ke: Hello!
I am an extroverted girl, work in a foreign enterprise after graduation from university, it is the typical white collar. The objective one says, my way goes straight more suitably, work well, the treatment is not low, a lot of peers all envy me. But I myself am unsatisfied. Like I people think I frank enthusiasm, jealous evil; Not liking the person of me to think me stubborn, the love cuts a smart figure, and must speak to and does not forgive people.
I do not take notice of others' appraisal very much, one point can't be ignored, objectively, my personality has already hindered my development.
I am very puzzled, whether should change one's own individual character, go to meet the needs of environment?
Extroverted girl: Hello!
You talk about the personality, at first, anyone's personalities all have a characteristic, some people are gentler, some people are fiercer, others are careful, others are extensive. These characteristics neither say say it is an advantage it is a shortcoming nor, it is a characteristic to say.
Then, as to your personality, we affirm first too it is only a characteristic. Then, we analyze together, see how to use it. Use, the individual character develops into the advantage on some people; Not using well, the individual character develops into the shortcoming on some people.
How to judge the so-called pluses and minuses? Useful to personal development, social assessment is good too, and the advantage; Disadvantageous to personal development, social assessment is not good either, is a shortcoming.
For example a person is very self-confident, self-confident to a person, if he deals with better, the foundation succeeding. Because he is very self-confident, others will believe in him because of this. Then, leader believe in he, troop under one's command rely on he, become one advantage. However, if is too self-confident to deal with well, may become conceited, become obstinate, in this way disadvantageous to one's own development, the leader thinks him not handy, the colleague thinks him not easy to cooperate, this undoubtedly becomes the shortcoming.
Know this reason, should put one's own characteristic in order first, then analyze objectively, in what case this kind of individual character becomes one's own advantage, in what case to become one's own shortcoming. In this way, say, will be favorable to your development from long-term.
You can contact me voluntarily, result from your personality. As you think a thing is essential for you, you can overcome one's own psychological obstacle, take action to some extent. This is initiative of your personality.
Not all people dare to take action. The person not taking action might not know where one's own interests are. There are initiative and passivity of the personality here. Where is the difference of the two? The motive becomes starting point and motive force of taking action. Anyone is before taking action, the motive has been produced, but usually there are obstacles. The objective thing and subjective thing will collide at this moment. For example you hope someone guides, hope to further analyze oneself through the teacher's talk, put oneself in order, these will be beneficial to afterwards development. This is a motive.
At this moment, the initiative of your personality worked.

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Wish you a good time

What Handmade Bracelets Beaded Bracelets Heart Necklace Beaded Necklaces I know " Nine sisters "
Junior middle school graduate working as a temporary labourer to rushing in Shanghai alone
The little girl 19 years old: Hello!
The letter has been received for a long time, because is busy, fail to write back in time.
You say in the letter: "I am 19 years old today, should be age studying, graduated and left and studied the third day because of many kinds of reasons. Have put and learn, study the computer, has worked for nearly 23 years. I have been to Guangzhou during these years, came back again after doing for one year. Can't say clearly the reason may be too lonely. One year Shanghai, I whole people became it very much timid, it is afraid what is made, afraid of what I oneself understand, completely, have too many worry.
"I do things in the company of one hometown now, but I seem not to like such calmness, do not think this is what I want. I am fidgety, but can not say that there emerged a to come by the head. I am very worried, do not know what oneself likes, suitable for doing something, I do not think I am me, I always act others, I want to get back to oneself, but lost, I am very ignorant.
"I want to go to Beijing very much now, but do parents worry if what if, it takes the place to go to afraid and give up oneself and think of for parents? I begin to wander up and down again. I just want to go very much, I can not find out what is done either. I often think one's own time is little, I know all these worry, killing time, but I can not really make a decision. "
The above is some contents extracted from the letter. First of all, you are just 19 years old, mostly still study in the campus with your urban girl of the same age now, and you have not only learnt the computer but also there is experience of working in the big city, can earn one's own living. This is very amazing.
But at the same time, I saw that enter into the wound that the society brings to you too early, you " become timid, do anything and afraid, there is too much worry " . This is well understood. When you who are young lead earth in the hometown into Shanghai, that was faced is not merely a strange environment, and does not know huge monster how to tackle at all. Though you only use this section of life " Lonely " Two words have slipped gently, but the sad and any helpless person with experience of life that includes among them can all understand.
Then, you get back to the hometown, begin another section of life. But has watched the prosperity of the big city, there are more open outlooks, all of the hometown can't already satisfy you. Moreover, with the passage of time, the big city is brought your pressure and puzzled and thereupon gone far, you hope to choose to leave again.
On the surface this time, it is worrying that keep you here of parents. But look from deep layer, it is once that piece of experiences that make your life to the big city no longer idealize, and the difficulty that the new strange environment may meet makes you unable to choose to leave resolutely.
You are in thinking that it is a bit afraid to go, the awkward condition that wants to stay and are also very unreconciled to.
I write among one article, strong melon that sprain sweetless, melon familiar base of a fruit fall. Every could grit one's teeth resolution under no well determined. Have not you obviously decided yet now, has left on earth, why to go to Beijing? Then, first anxious to take, 19 year old of little girls go to Beijing alone, don't say the difficulty that oneself face, parents do not really set one's mind at ease. And then say the social security instantly is not very good, without the partner, advise you not to come temporarily.
You are still young, how could think one's own time is little? Mr. Ke might than to age even heavy father have you, free little feeling. So, think it is unreasonable like this. You can well study calmly, live calmly. You mention oneself only for the third day, whether can study some cultural knowledge after the work in a planned way? The society needs knowledge type talent in the future. Certainly, this isn't to say that must go back to school, can become a useful person to teach oneself too. So long as draw up the practical feasible scheme, it is equally effectual to study while working.
So propose first you, no, please anxious to pay in Beijing, second, work, arrange properly to study as much as possible, store the good nourishment for the mind for one's own future.
Needless and worried, your great time has still just begun.
Wish you a good time!
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